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Hello! I'm Anthony Valentine and I have a chronic kidney disease called IGA Nephropathy. I was diagnosed with CKD in April 2017 and unfortunately, the doctors think i've had the disease for over 10 years. I'm now 28 years old living with end-stage renal disease and boy has my diet drastically changed...

In 2013 I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Culinary Arts & Nutrition, which makes figuring out this whole CKD diet a little bit easier. Having to limit sodium, potassium, phosphorus, protein and sugar has been quite a challenge, and was not a topic covered in school.

During one of my check-ups my Nephrologist mentioned my degree, and my past work in restaurants. He said, "why don't you write some sort of kidney friendly recipe book"...and I thought, what a cool idea. After all, this is my life now. Since food is a passion of mine, I may as well make the best out of it and try and help others dealing with CKD. is a just one stepping stone towards my book and hopefully much more.

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